There is no standard day in the life of a tech product manager.

Your day-to-day tasks depend on where you are in the product lifecycle. One second, you might be researching the market, while another, you are meeting with engineers to discuss a technical problem or user testing.

While exact tasks may vary, there are some skills that apply at almost every stage of the product lifecycle.

Here are the top 5 skills of great technology product managers:

1) User Focus & Empathy

This skill is number 1 and that’s not an accident.

As product manager, you need to be the champion for your end…

Deep Learning is a type of machine learning and is a popular method these days to make data predictions. To apply deep learning predictive models you need a strong understanding of linear algebra, and to create the models from scratch you need a background in calculus and differential equations.

Lucky for you, today you have me, so we won’t need linear algebra or calculus! I’m going to explain deep learning using only basic algebra.

Let’s get started!

So let’s say we have a data set that shows the relationship between plant growth and time, i.e. …

You are responsible for growing the talent pool in your organization or department. All is well until 1–2 key departures leave you scrambling to find qualified people within your organization for key positions. You decide to broaden your search to the outside…but it takes forever…where is all the talent when you need it?

When it comes to nurturing talent within your organization, the key is to focus on your processes as much as your outcomes.

You can’t only focus on having talent when you need it, you need to be preparing your talent pool at all times. …

Can we change the way we feel?

Sometimes we try to force ourselves to feel certain emotions because we think that a new emotion will help get us out of our current state. And then, after trying, we are surprised to find our efforts have failed.

And we don’t know why.

For example, when you graduated from school, were you happy to finish or sad to move on?

You probably felt some of both. And trying to force yourself to be more happy about the situation did nothing to reduce the natural sadness. …

Performing for an improv troupe? Running an impromptu company meeting? Or just ribbing with friends?

It’s time to improvise!

But where to start?

Improv is more art than science.

Unlike science, improv has more than one right answer. Improvisers have many options with what to say or do next.

In fact, improv can feel overwhelming for precisely this reason. You feel choice overload and hesitate because you don’t want to say or do the wrong thing.

But you are right to feel this way because there are absolutely some things you can do or say to kill an improv scene…

Your guests are number one.

How can you make them feel special and show them you care?

Here are the 3 best ways to improve the customer experience at your restaurant to keep customers coming back for more:

Treat Your Employees Well

Surprised to see this one here? You shouldn’t be.

According to a Washington State University study, customer satisfaction is directly correlated with employee engagement. In other words, if your employees aren’t motivated, your customers won’t be happy.

Positivity is contagious. How you treat employees, both in front of and away from customers, will impact customer experience.

It’s important to invest in your…

Having trouble keeping your employees?

Sometimes it’s not your fault. Life happens. Employees prioritize factors outside of your control, like moving across the country or wanting more money for a job than you can afford. So you accept their departure.

But sometimes employees leave and you feel you could have prevented it. Something feels off when they leave for the restaurant down the street without much of an explanation.

And now you must deal with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Things that costs you time and money. And, that’s best case scenario - when things work out. …

Me in Portland

Everyone likes to romanticize being an entrepreneur.

“Living the dream,” they say.

The truth is I am almost certainly in more emotional pain than when I worked in the corporate world. While there are some nice benefits, like increased flexibility, which I appreciate, the fact that I control my hours is a double-edged sword — there is no end work time — no matter how much work I do, it feels like I am never accomplishing or moving fast enough.

I have made mistakes that cost me time and money. I want you to learn from me and my mistakes.

High performing restaurant GMs are increasingly hard to find. And given turnover in the industry, once you develop or find them, you have to keep them as well.

How can you tell if your GM is a keeper?

These are the 5 most important traits for a restaurant GM:


Good GMs react very quickly to address issues. Great GMs anticipate issues before they even arise.

Successful GMs will be planners and on top of inventory, staffing, menu updates, and any marketing campaigns.

They will multi-task and can answer phones one minute, while speaking to customers the next.

Ideally, GMs should…

Data is the new oil. If you are not analyzing POS data effectively, and your competitors are, you are falling behind in the market.

I get it. You have good common sense, even better social etiquette, and treat customers well. Your restaurant can manage pretty well without extensive data analysis, and you are right.

However, our goal isn’t “pretty well”. We want to optimize the guest experience and increase profits.

The problem with gut-feeling decisions is that, even though they always feel right, they can be wrong. Sometimes the correct decision is counterintuitive. …

James Ramadan

This world is won by those who let it go.

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